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What are Nodes?

  • Masternodes & Service Nodes are the backbone of the Ether-1 network.
  • Ether-1 Nodes are used to host the ethoFS platform.
  • ____________

Service Node (SN)

5000 ETHO USD Lowest Requirements

Service Node Requirements:

  • 20 GB Of SSD/HDD Storage.
  • 1 GB Of Ram.
  • Static Public IPv4 Address.

Master Nodes (MN)

15,000 ETHO USD Medium Requirements

Master Node Requirements:

  • 40 GB Of SSD/HDD Storage.
  • 2 GB Of Ram.
  • Static Public IPv4 Address.

Gateway Node (GN)

30,000 ETHO USD Highest Requirements

Gateway Node Requirements:

  • 80 GB Of SSD/HDD Storage.
  • 4 GB Of Ram.
  • Static Public IPv4 Address.

ethoFS: The Features.

Next Generation Content hosting

Ether-1 is an Ethereum based blockchain that integrates PoW and a two tier masternode system to secure the network. Ether-1 uses the collective power of hundreds of masternodes to power ethoFS, a fully decentralized hosting platform that uses the combination of a blockchain indexing system and the IPFS protocol to deliver decentralized content on-demand.

Easy to Use

Users can interface with the ethoFS network through variety of ways, including an innovative instantaneous browser based node, allowing them to drag and drop content they wish to deploy and index on the blockchain. The browser based node automatically uploads and replicates the content to the entire network.

ethoFS Performance

The ethoFS system is a fully functioning website hosting solution utilizing the node network for storage and bandwidth. Masternode owners are paid through a block reward, and receive a share of the profit generated by hosting fees, an innovative way for node owners to take ownership in providing network functinality and security.

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13215 Active Ether-1 Addresses
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