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Ether-1 Explorer

We offer Reliable Hosting

A fully decentralized hosting platform that combines blockchain indexing technology and the IPFS protocol to deliver decentralized content on-demand. The ethoFS network is a fully functioning website hosting platform which utilizes the node network for storage and bandwidth, along with providing DDoS protection, censorship resistance and high reliability due to not having any single points of failure.

Decentralize Everything

Imagine a world where social media content was completely held in the public domain and was 100% immutable. A voting system that was run with complete transparency. A version of the internet where the Googles, Facebooks and Amazons didn’t control a majority of all web content and traffic flow. The idea of a completely decentralized, democratized web is not only a utopian dream but now achievable.


Our project's goal is to bring all this together by providing a streamlined, completely decentralized development and content hosting platform that is usable by anyone.

Ether-1 Services

Why choose us:

100% immutability Guarantee

ethoFS is 100% immutable. ONLY YOU can cancel your hosting contract OR remove your content. The only time your content is removed is when your hosting contract expires.

Safe and Secure

No one can access your ethoFS account as it is linked to your ETHO wallet's private key. The only way a person can access your uploaded data is if you provide them with your unique ethoFS link.

Dedicated Support

The Ether-1 Team and community are extremely active and able to provide support around the clock. Even when there are no team members available, there is always a community member happy to help!

Meet the Official Ether-1 team:

The team is constantly growing - Here you can see basic information about the Ether-1 team - If you'd like to find out more please join our discord.

Our Various Nodes

Ether-1 Nodes


Ether-1 Nodes Network

What are Nodes?

  • Masternodes & Service Nodes are the backbone of the Ether-1 network.
  • Ether-1 Gateway Nodes are used to host the ethoFS platform.

Service Node (SN)

5000 ETHO USD Lowest Requirements

Service Node Requirements:

  • 20 GB Of SSD/HDD Storage.
  • 1 GB Of Ram.
  • Static Public IPv4 Address.

Master Nodes (MN)

15,000 ETHO USD Medium Requirements

Master Node Requirements:

  • 40 GB Of SSD/HDD Storage.
  • 2 GB Of Ram.
  • Static Public IPv4 Address.

Gateway Node (GN)

30,000 ETHO USD Highest Requirements

Gateway Node Requirements:

  • 80 GB Of SSD/HDD Storage.
  • 4 GB Of Ram.
  • Static Public IPv4 Address.

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